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The strongest nemesis of the new crown epidemic, the safety inspection of the Beijing new crown inactivated vaccine production workshop can be put into production at any time

The strongest nemesis of COVID-19, the safety inspection of the Beijing new crown inactivated vaccine production workshop can be put into production at any time

Just now, the big news came: the safety inspection has passed, and the Beijing new crown inactivated vaccine production workshop can be put into production at any time! Today, Sinopharm announced that the new crown inactivated vaccine production workshop of the Beijing Institute of Biological Products of China Biotechnology has passed the national comprehensive inspection and is fully qualified for use and can be put into mass production of the new crown vaccine at any time.

COVID-19 inactivated vaccine

This production workshop is currently the world's largest production workshop for COVID-19 inactivated vaccines. Once it runs at full capacity, the batch output will exceed 3 million doses, and the annual production capacity can reach 1-120 million doses! Yes, you read that right. The large-scale production of China's new crown vaccine is already close to the end. Everything is ready, only the wind is owed. This Dongfeng is the ongoing Phase III clinical trial! You should know that the inactivated new crown vaccine developed by Sinopharm Group is currently carrying out Phase III clinical trials in full swing.

Some time ago, it was reported that employees of some large state-owned enterprises can voluntarily choose to be vaccinated before leaving the country, which not only prevents infection from the epidemic abroad, but also actively participates in phase III clinical trials as vaccination volunteers. Whether it is the completion of the new crown vaccine production workshop or the advancement of the third phase of the field trial, a gratifying signal has been released: China's new crown vaccine research and development has taken another big step, and mass vaccination is just around the corner!

The ultimate nemesis of the new crown epidemic is finally coming! Technology is the primary productive force! In the race against the new crown disease, China has taken the lead and is breaking out a way out! !

Someone may ask: What is the relationship between the inactivated vaccine prepared by China's bio-new crown inactivated vaccine production workshop and the vaccine developed by Academician Chen Wei? In a word, these are two vaccines with different technical routes. Everyone knows that vaccines are actually viruses that have been specially treated. They won't cause illness when they hit the human body, but they can teach the immune system to recognize this virus. Next time we encounter a real virus, where did we seem to have seen it? Then produce antibodies to kill it.At present, the new coronavirus vaccines developed by our country mainly include five technical routes: inactivated vaccines, recombinant protein vaccines, adenovirus vector vaccines, attenuated influenza virus vector live vaccines, and nucleic acid vaccines. Various vaccines go hand in hand to ensure the overall success rate.

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The vaccines developed by these five routes can be divided into two categories: one is made directly from viruses, and the other is divided into inactivated vaccines and attenuated vaccines. The former is to kill the virus directly, the latter is to weaken the virus and then inject these harmless viruses into the human body to gain immunity to the virus. The other type is the recombinant vaccines mentioned in the news, which are actually "transgenic" vaccines in a certain sense. It probably means that the characteristic gene fragments in the virus that can cause human immunity are extracted and transferred to safe cells such as yeast.

1. What we are talking about today is that the vaccine developed by Sinopharm Group is an inactivated vaccine in the first category. This inactivated vaccine is essentially a kind of poisonous, and then kills the virus directly, throwing the whole body to the immune system for it to recognize. There are many ways to kill, either by heating to death, or by using formalin. This is the most classic type of vaccine. The advantage is that it is safe and mature. The disadvantage is that the virus is dead after all, and the resulting immunity may not be enough. . In China, during the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, part of the vaccinations that were widely used to prevent smallpox were inactivated vaccines. Whether it is the clothes worn by smallpox patients or the dry and ground powder of smallpox patients' skin pus, they all contain a lot of variola virus "corpses".

By wearing acne clothing or blowing vaccinia, when a live virus invades, contact with the immune system of the immunized person, this immune memory can be maintained for several to decades. On July 26, Gao Fu, director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, revealed that he had been injected with an experimental new coronary pneumonia vaccine to increase public confidence in the vaccine. Although Gao Fu did not give more information on the time, method, and variety of vaccination, it is speculated from a lot of information that the vaccine injected by Academician Gao Fu is likely to be the inactivated new crown vaccine developed by Sinopharm Group.

2. The team of Academician Chen Wei made the second type of vaccine. The professional term is called adenovirus vector vaccine. This adenovirus vector vaccine, to put it plainly, is to artificially create a gene that can stimulate immune cells to produce new coronavirus antibodies, integrate this gene into an engineered virus called adenovirus, and then inject the adenovirus into the human body. In other words, the modified adenovirus has the appearance of the new coronavirus, but it is as weak as the adenovirus, but after the body's immune cells swallow or come into contact with the virus, it can be stimulated to produce antibodies against the new coronavirus. .

Academician Chen Wei Team

Now, the vaccine of Chen Wei's team has also made significant progress. According to the introduction of Academician Chen Wei’s participation in the forum on July 28, China’s new crown vaccine candidate is the only vaccine that is effective in a single shot. It has also proven that antibodies can be successfully produced in the elderly, and the fever rate of adverse reactions is much lower than other vaccines. . At present, the adenovirus vector vaccine developed by the academician Chen Wei's team has completed the second phase of the trial, 99.5% can produce antibodies, and 89% can produce specific cellular immune responses. It is a double insurance vaccine.

The adverse reactions of the Chinese vaccine are better than those of other countries' vaccines. The indicators of fever, fatigue, headache, nausea, muscle pain and joint pain are all better than those of other countries' vaccines. Academician Chen Wei predicts that in September this year, the first person may be officially vaccinated. After industrialization, it is expected that billions of vaccines will be produced worldwide by the end of the year.

Previously, Zhong Nanshan had predicted that the new crown vaccine could be used as an emergency as early as this fall or the end of this year. At present, it seems that this time is ahead of schedule!



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